Valve train breather

Hi, i have a 2002 426 and it leaks oil out of the valve train breather hose, i know this is normal but i think it leaks to much oil, i changed the oil and it was in the center of the dipstick (yes i let the engine warm up before checking) now like 5-10 rides later i check it again and my dipstick is dry! It still leaks oil out of the hose. Do i need to check after every ride and is this normal? My rides are no longer then 30min.

The excessive oil discharge at the breather is probably a symptom of worn out rings, with the possibility that the cylinder and piston are also worn.  Whether the oil rings are using most of the oil you find missing, or the breather is blowing it out because the compression rings are weak, either way, it's rings.

I got into it today, a washer did fell into my engine so later on i will need to get that out also *sigh* . Here are some pics, the oilring on the piston is not wider than the piston itself so yes that will probely be the problem. If you can see it in the cilinder there are very little surface scratches going sideways.




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