Bran New 2014 WR450F low on power, wow!

Just put together, new in the crate, 2014 WR 450F and I have street legal insurance and registration on it,( part of the sales agreement with my dealer) . my plans are to weld up a rear rack to accomodate what I usualy cary in the back country of Canada, a typical 45-65 Lb backpack with a couple days of gear, food, tent and whatever, and let the adventure begin. on my first test ride today, ( without the street leagal required stuff) I immidiatly noticed a severe lack of power on the motorcycle. a 80' has more pull than this thing! can anyone suggest a place to view the recomended derestriction procedure, suggest an aftermarket exhast system, with addition of a spark arrester, and aftermarket fuel manegement computer that could be adjustable. Also In Canada we are required to run DOT Tires, Signal light and brake lights, at least 1 reier view mirror, and light up our rear licence plate. Oh and have a horn. Can someone offer some links to get me on the move with this stuff? Thank you I am a bit rusty to the websites and could use some help.



Hi mike, I had the same response when I took delivery of my new '13 450. First thing I did was take the end cap off the standard pipe and remove the pea shooter, I replaced it with an off-road spec exhaust outlet. Even with just that it was night and day difference. After you have run it in and had the valve clearances checked throw the power tuner at it and it should be a weapon!!

Okay, I removed the cap, pea shooter, and looks still like a laboratory of baffles and science projects inside there. the baffle half way in there with extruding pipes looks like it will require deeper surgery to remove.

Use this switch, it's what we all use.


I used this tail light and made a mount from an old fender, bent with a heat gun.


Pressure switches for the brake light.


Mirror mounts.  Throw out the back side of it.  The threaded part will bolt up to your clutch perch and master cylinder.



I used a Baja Designs keyed ignition switch so some &%$#@! can't just start it and ride away.  

I used this BD headlight.

The horn, I got a good loud auto horn at Walmart.  You have Walmarts in Canada, right? 

Turn signals, we don't need them here, can't help you on that.  I'm sure ebay has something.  Or you can buy the whole DS kit.  They look like they come with cheapo mirrors and a tail light that's not DOT approved.  Do the free mods, then your bike will run like it's supposed to.  

hey mike congrats on your purchase! these bikes come with a throttle stop , cant get full throttle...but first break in bike with the setup you have now..that way you wont be  tempted to beat it til all the parts seat in you will want this.. larger outlet pipe|20&f=2012|136. then read this to change throttle set screw and then enjoy!!

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Really no need to break in the bike with the throttle stop in there.  Go ahead and remove it, I think you put too much strain on the clutch and motor trying to run through the gears with only half of a throttle.  Just my opinion. :thumbsup:

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