Black box cdi

Anyone know anything about the black box cdi for 06 yz450f is it junk and how does it affect the motor long term I just ordered one off of ebay for my 07 some good feedback would be nice

My 06 has the cdi from 06 on it and it is not junk. It effect the motor by determining when to send spark to the plug. Cdi boxes are way cooler then the old points, dont try to convert your bike to run points. You wont be happy.

Im not lol I just herd that the 06 cdi has more low end then the 07 but I bought an aftermarket 06 called the black box its suppose to raise the rpms by 750 just wondering if the black box is junk or not its programmable by usb too first time I ever messed with something this advanced

No clue. If it is a stock 06 CDI then I think you are ok. I have searched and read a lot about how people like the 06 timing curve and power delivery. If it is aftermarket or "reprogrammed" then I have no clue.

Was that black box any good? I'm in need of a cdi box and them are half the price as OEM new

Was that black box any good? I'm in need of a cdi box and them are half the price as OEM new

I have an extra CDI box. I have an 09 & I bought an 06 CDI box off Ebay for $100. I can sell you mine if you want it! The 09 was nice & smooth.

I love my 06 CDI. It made improvements everywhere for my bike. It was a nice addition to go w/ the exhaust, intake & jetting upgrades.

My problem is I box a "used one" off ebay and my bike is still having problems with staying running once it's hot and not starting till its cooled off again

So don't really wanna buy another used one unless it starts hot and cold. Now that may not even be the problem

Test your stator while it's hot.

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