Hello I was wonder if 2012 yz450f plastics would fit on a 2009 yz450f


You may be able to use the front fender. Might take a little drilling and or trimming.

Thanks! seacraft69

I may put the 13 fender on my 06. I saw the cycra 13 fender on ebay for 20 something bucks shipped. I figure I'll give it a shot. And if it hits the frame I can always shim the rear bolts with washers.

I didnt think the 10 and after would work on 09 or before. Goodluck. Let us now how it turns out for you.

Cycra makes a 2010+ front fender that has the older bolt pattern. I have one on my 09WR and will soon have one on my 09YZ450.


That looks nice! Where did find the fender you speak of?

Directly from the Cycra website.

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Here is a better shot.


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Cool thanks! I think the 13 fender really freshens up the look of the bike. Those moose brush gaurds look good too.

The OEM Yamaha fender can be fit, too.  The rear two holes line up, but you need two new ones for the front.

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