Houston ride !!!!!!!!!!

I will be making my way to Houston this weekend to ride, and would like to get together with some other TT guy's.

My friend Curt Hawkins is coming with me, he is 44 and use to ride the pro class in the Dome and at Rio back in the 70's.

He rides a new Red thumper.....dont hold that against him.

I'm either going to Splendora or Highlands depending on the responses from a few friends so let me know if anyone is up for some roostin.

Later, Jason

Splendora is having an STC race on Sunday so you won't be able to ride there (unless you are racing). I think they will be having organized practice on Saturday.

Looks like Highlands unless the new Three Palms Track on I-45 (by the old Conroe MX Park) opens up...


Steve T

I would love too. But, my chain and sproket is not here yet!! I can't use the old one it is missing teeth. 290 MX may be open.


I got a backup chain, its a DID x-ring and also have 2 used sprockets that will work with no problem if your interested.

Let me know.

Later, Jason E-Mail jpierce@ijntb.net

Jaybird, what a swmall world we live in.

I knew Curt Hawkins as he was one of the guys that got me interested in dirtbikes. I saw him and another buddy of mine, Shane Book, race back in the late '70's. Curt was just about the smoothest rider I ever saw and I tried to model my style after him and have largely suceeded.

It is good to know he is back on a scooter as I know he gave it up years back as his wife, at the time (I don't know his marital status) Maria,frowned upon his riding.

I figured when Honda got a thumper, both he and Shane would saddle up as both were big Honda loyalists.

Tell Curt that Chris Andrews says hello and maybe we can hook up in Houston sometime.

Cool :D ,

Thanks guy's.

I'm good for Sunday. I have not rode at Highlands in a while. It would be ok with me. I would vote for 290 MX, if they are opened.

Let me know the scoop and bring your extra spockets :) .

I have not been able to ride much and these old bones are getting stiff.

About 2 months ago Highlands redid the night track...the new layout is awesome (I think it is anyway)! It now has big jumps and better berms! The day track hasnt changed much but between 10am and 3pm the dirt is good from watering/disking.

I just called both tracks and they are both open on Sunday. 290 is open from 12pm-dark and Highlands is open from 10am-dark!

290 MX- 936-931-2000

Highlands- 281-843-6686

I went to 290 last weekend...so I will most likely goto Highlands on Sunday. I will be there by 10:30am or so! Later,


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Jason, I will give you a call tomorrow to discuss the details of where we are riding!

Rick, I also have a sprocket/chain combo that you can borrow...just let me know!

290 or Highlands would be great on Sunday! Roost yall later LOL,



Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Jason (jaybird67k) and it looks like we will be riding at San Jacinto Cycle Park (in Splendora) on Sunday Jan 20th...It shouldnt be too crowded at Splendora since Highlands is having a rainout STC race on Sunday! So come out and ride all you Houston area guys, if you havent already been to this track you will love it! I also will be there Monday (if they are open)!

Phone #: 281-399-3278


From Houston, take US Hwy 59 North, Splendora Exit, Right on FM 2090 approx. 1.5 miles, Left on Tram Rd. approx. .25 miles, Right on May Rd. to end of road.

Hope to see you guys at the track,

Garrett Berg

Rain, rain, go away...actually, Houston weather man says it will:


Jan 19 AM Showers 60°F 30°F


Jan 20 Mostly Cloudy 60°F 41°F

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I went and rode the Splendora track today (Saturday) it was a little wet in the early morning but after about 3:00 pm it was perfect.

The owner said he would drag the track so it will be perfect Sunday........I'll be there Motoman !!!

Lets get all the Houston area TT'ers out to Splendora this Sunday (tomorrow 01-20-02) I would love to meet you guy's and get some pic's of us riding so we can post them on TT.

Come on guy's lets not talk about it and lets do it !!!!!

Later, Jason

I will be there by 9:30-10am! I will also have 3 digi cams, for some pics! Roost ya later,


I was up in the Splendora area early this morning and it drizzled until about 9:30am...it has been sunny outside since about 10am (it is 2:17 right now)!! The track will be perfect tomorrow (a little chilly in the morning though), since it is moist from this morning! I cant wait until tomorrow!! Later,


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