mi hedlight 09 wr450. not work

Please help no juice at connector bolb is good is tracing wires is goes to under frame what can I do?

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Do you have a wiring diagram?  If not, I can post it here.  The headlight runs off AC and will only work if the bike is running.  There is a black and a green wire to the headlight.  Black is ground and green connects to white coming from the stator.  

Thanks flyandride in that case I think my problem is coming from the stator broke my side cover and welded it, it is posible stator is toching case?

I would pull the cover and see if the stator is damaged or touching the cover.  

Yes thats next will do today have to change oil in prep for Baja Ride this weekend

Could you please post the wiring diagram flyandride?

Here it is.  wiringwr450f150ppi.jpg

Wow just foud my post I did find the problem head light wire at the stator cut by the rotor better late than........someone might use this info thanks.

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