service manual

I am looking for a Yamaha service manual for my '98 yz400. Does anyone know how I can get one for less than $70.




If you cannot find one locally...try

I got mine (a Clymer) there for about $30 shipped!


Is the Clymer manual good? I heard the factory manual was a lot better. Is that true?


I like the Clymer manual. It shows good pictures and step by step. It's got more detail than the factory manual and suits my needs just fine. I would say it compliments the manual rather than replaces it.

I do refer to it more than the factory manual.

Thanks for the info. You are probably right about the two manuals complimenting each other. It is probably best to eventually get both manuals.

Thanks again,


I have a Clymer manual and a Genuine Yamaha Service manual for both my YZ250 and my 426F, and Clymer is far better than Yamaha hands down !!! There are a ton more pictures in the Clymer manual and they are of far better quality. Clymer gives you detailed step by step instructions for everything, as opposed to the Yamaha manual that merely states "take bike apart, fix what is broken, put bike back together". Clymer also offers hints, tips and Tricks to accomplishing tasks, where Yamaha does nothing of the sort. Last but most certainly not least, the Clymer manual is cheapest !! I bought my Clymer manual from and paid less than $25 shipped !!

For me the factory manual is hands down better in every aspect. But then again, personally, I don't need the procedures shown like the Clymer manual shows. I'm well aware how to tear down a set of forks, split cases, etc, etc. I use a manual more for specifications.

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