Wr450 Starting with no/dead battery and Dynatek

Had a very interesting day Sunday. 


I have a 2006 WR450 plated with a Dynatek CDI, Trail tech stator and a 4 cell mini battery. On my last wr450 (05) I could start the bike with a Dead battery no problem. 


Sunday I went to start my bike and the battery seemed low. Had to kick it but 5 min later at my friends house it started on the button no problem. Road it 30-40 miles to the riding area stopping to pick up a few other people. Each time it started fine. With in a span of 5 min I started it 3 times on the button. Fired right up each time. I stopped to help some one at a creek crossing and the bike would not turn over. Battery was so dead the light would hardly stay on. I tried to kick it over and over but it would not start. Turned off the ligh and all accessories to make sure nothing was pulling power. The light would go on for a bit when I kicked it but dim out again after. We pulled the plug wire and put my extra plug in and kicked the bike to check or spark. There was none. Tried to bump start the bike and it would not fire. 


In the end we put the battery out of my buddies KTM 525 in the bike and it fired right up. We put my 4 call battery pack in his bike and kicked it to all hell but it finally started. I rode home from there and had no other problems with his battery in my bike. 



So my question is why would it not start on the kicker? Should I have tried it with no battery in the bike? My 05 would start on the kicker with a dead as a doornail battery. It had the stock CDI though. 



 If the battery is dead enough, it is an open circuit, preventing starting.


Just get a Shorai 12ah battery

You know I have had bad luck with the modern batteries, this being the 4th one to die on me with less than a year on it. I know some people rave about them but I think im just going to throw a Yuasa in there and be done. 

If you are frying batteries, you should consider that to be a problem ,and replace your rectifier.

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