Trans mod YZ to WR, any ideas?

I have been thinking about swapping out the 5th gear and maybe the 1st to make my YZ more versatile. Does anyone have experience with similar mods? Any companies that may perform the task?

Thanks, Dwayne


I'm thinking same thing as you, and I'll probably end with only a 5th gears swap.

change of the 1rst gear will need a new clutch shaft as the small 1rst gear is part of this shaft (more expense than just gear) + many WR owners admit never using the 1rst gear because it's geared soooo low

So my conclusion is lowering final gearing + swapping WR 5th gear look like the best combination for my use.

In my case 13/49 offroad only trail + H&S or 14/49 trail + dual-sport

my 2 cents


I just split my cases and decided to go with WR 1st and 2nd. After reading this thread maybe I'll gear down with sprockets and put in wr 5th instead. Any other opinions would be appriciated.

Please let us know how you all like the gearing after you're done...I've been wanting a bit more speed up top without losing any bottom end torque.



I was thinking the same thing and called yamaha to check, they said the wr gears would work fine. First gear is part of the shaft and more expensive, I was going to change 4th and 5th and then gear the bike down slightly, keep us informed on how it works for you. mike

What kind of prices are we talking about here? I posted on DRN about doing this back before I bought my bike in Oct of 00' would think I had shot someone's dog! "that will be waaay to expensive and splitting the cases on these will just be too much labor for what its worth". I have ridden a buddies WR426 and love the low first gear..for the YZ..a wide ratio is all that's missing for making it the perfect harescramble/cross country race machine! So much are the gears from Yammie..this could be a cool project!

5BF-17411-10-00 AXLE, MAIN 1 $62.60

5BF-17211-00-00 GEAR, 1ST WHEEL 1 $41.10

5BF-17221-00-00 GEAR, 2ND WHEEL 1 $38.64

5BF-17121-00-00 GEAR, 2ND PINION 1 $24.24

5BF-17251-00-00 GEAR, 5TH WHEEL 1 $35.97

5BF-17151-00-00 GEAR, 5TH PINION 1 $31.26

About $170.00 for 1st and 2nd, another $70.00 for 5th.

These part numbers and prices are from Ronnie's online. They are for a '98 WR-400. I had to split the cases to replace the rod anyway. This dropped valve repair is getting pretty expensive. If I do the trans mods I'm over $1000.00 in parts. :)

Maybe you could try changing the cs or rear sprocket before swapping out gears? Whenever Im on the track I wish I had the YZ gearing. And when Im in the woods the WR makes me want to gear up in the rear for even more response. Im going to a 52 rear in the spring for sure. That will also shorten up the wheelbase. :)

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