Best deal for multible tires

I'm trying to find a tire dealer preferably Maxxis that will give me a break on tires if I were to buy 25 - 30 tires in one shot. The best deal I've found is through Rocky Mountain but, it doesnt matter if I buy one or 50 the price is the same. Any advise would be appreciated.

For Maxxis tires, try...

Affordable Cycle & Marine

801-C S. Lakeview

Placentia, CA 92870

(714) 777-2795

Ask for Steve and see what kind of deal he can get you. There's probably not a huge margin to work with on tires, especially the Maxxis, but Steve is a great guy and his shop is always friendly to deal with. They've always given me a fair price on most eveything I've bought from them, especially on Moose riding gear.

If you want a good quality low cost durable tire that hooks up well without shredding the knobs off in either soft or intermediate terrain under a different brand name that's not so well known in the USA (but a good tire none the less), then call Rob Barnum at:

Barnums Pro Product

2525 Marco Road

Phelan, Ca. 92371

(760) 868-8097

Rob got a hold of a bunch of Barum tires that are made here in the USA for Barnum in Europe and he's selling them at excellent prices. You can always try one out and see if you like it and I'm sure he'll make a killer deal on a dozen or more of these. I'm happy with both the Barum and Maxxis IT's I've been using and will probably buy some more Barum's once I run out. Rob is also a ThumperTalk partner as listed on ThumperTalk's home page and its always nice to support the people who support this site and our sport.

Qadson, I second the motion. The Barum tire that Rob has is great in mud/sand situations. Rob has done Baja pre-running on the tire with his 680! But its not really a desert race tire. I know he bought a bunch of em at an incredible price. For sure you can get them at a smokin deal...

what is the shipping on the tire from barnum?

can you guys tell me more about the tire rob is selling?

1. what is the brand name. what is the model name?

2. irondude said it's not an IT tire, more like a sand tire... how does it hook up in the desert and how long does it last, say compared to a maxxis IT or kenda carlsbad?

3. how is the sidewall?

4. more on many rides are you getting, how is it wearing, evenly or are the knobbies chunking?

5. price... i understand if you don't want to post rob's prices here, but can you tell me if getting that tire from rob would be cheaper then bringing home a kenda carlsbad or maxxis it from one of the mail order houses?

i'm very intersted in buying my tires through rob. i'll buy five at a time if the price is right and they hook up and wear roughly the same as the maxxis IT...

please let me know.

The tire is called a Barum. Not to be confused with Rob's family name...Barnum.

They are made in Europe. They are a good low cost tire for mud/sand i.e. the stuff in Europe...i wouldnt race with them, but they do seem to hold up reasonably well.

Call Rob and he will answer all your questions...!

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