carb leaking gas

what would cause my carb to fill up with fuel and over flow? I tore it apart and cleaned it. Put it on the bike and pours fuel. I pulled the bowl and pushed up the float and it cut off like it should. Put bowl back on and fuel running everywhere. What did I do

The float needle cavity and/or the float needle is/are worn out (grooved/pitted) or, the needle is just not sliding freely in the cavity.

1) Go back and completely re-think how you re-assembled the thing. The engineers at Kehin & Mikuni could do a better job of preventing people from reversing things. On a couple of occasions I have re-assembled a carb and had it gush. After taking it apart and scratching my head, luckily a Eureka moment came and I reversed a part or something and put it back together correctly


2) If that does not work, perhaps the seat is worn (Did it leak before?) cant hurt to replace and takes very little time once you have the correct parts


3) If you ever run into an issue again, an old bike mechanic taught me a trick: Get it running (if it will run) and turn the fuel valve off. Just as its about to die, turn it back on. Often times the in-rush of fuel across the float valve seat washed the speck of garbage away.

I noticed that when the float pin is secured, it slightly twists the float and seemed to be affecting the needle. I tweaked the tab that the needle jet hangs on just a hair and I think I'm good to go. When I lift the float, it cuts the gas properly. I didn't see any other problems other than that.

Same thing happened to me when I re jetted. For some reason the float hung. I disassembled it again; double checked and recleaned it and reassembled. All good. I never saw a reason why it happened and it hasn’t happened since.

Good luck.

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