Hebo hydraulic clutch??

Hi fellows Thumpertalkers

I'm looking for buying/using an Hebo hydraulic clutch actuator on my 00 426

Someone know what is the exact travel of the Hebo slave actuator?, will it disengage fully my lengthened clutch arm or will I have to shorten it back to stock spec?

And is a boot protector available for the master?

The unit is left without any protection...weird isn't it?

Are lever easily available? cost of replacement lever?

And for those who're using it for some time (more than a year) would you buy it again today? reliability concern? performance concern?

Thanks a lot


I put my Hebo on last February and have had no problems whatsoever. I'm not sure how long the pull is but the cable is adjustable and judging by the length of the slave cylinder, it's more than I'll ever use with a stock actuating arm. The clutch pull was greatly improved, even with a new freshly lubed clutch cable installed my Hebo will blow it away. I haven't had to adjust the clutch once or add any fluid. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I haven't had any levers break so I don't know the availability or the cost but Hebo makes the hydraulic clutches for Gas Gas bikes and more and more shops are carrying them now so I would availability would be good. As far as protection for the clutch cylinders goes, I have handguards for the resevoir and the slave is ty-wrapped to the frame. I have had my share of crashes but the way it lines up makes it pretty hard to get to. I have ridden in some pretty deep mud and all I do is once in a while pull off the cap on the slave cylinder and clean it out, although there isn't much to speak of in there.


99 YZ400

I agree. Two thumbs up for the Hebo!!

Hey guys where did you get it and how much did it cost.....Funny, I was just thinking about putting one on my bike...

I bought my hebo hydraulic at E-Rider. They are somewhere back east and are very cool people. I think I paid about $170 for it. You can email the guy at E-Rider at ktm413@hotmail.com. At least thats where I got a hold of them last year. One finger clutch pull. This thing is awesome.

I also got mine from E-Rider for around the same price. Best $$ I've spent on the bike.

Wasn't there a second hydrolic clutch kit made by a company called Magura (sp?). I remember a debate about which was better but I don't remember which one got more votes. Can anyone refresh us? You all have me thinking of one of these things now...hehe..

I have the magura version(HYMEC), and have no complaints. I also got rid of the stock basket for a hinson, which made the most difference. The hydro clutch was just gravy!!!!

I have used the magura/hymec for 2 yers and have no complaints.I have lengthened the clutch arm 5mm and

it works fine (-01).

I tried em' both before buying the Hebo. The Hebo clutch pull was lighter but the Magura slave cylinder mounts nicer than the Hebo. I was in a position where I needed a light clutch pull due to the fact I was recovering from 2 broken wrists so I wanted the lightest pull I could find. Pick your poison, they are both great and a heck of alot better than the stock clutch cable setup.


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