will 2012 plastics fit on 2009-2010 wr450's

I have a 2010 wr450f,  can anyone tell me if 2012 plastics bolt onto the 2009-2010 models ?

I think everything but the rad shrouds fits.  The front fender needs 2 holes drilled.  Someone in the big 2012 wr450 thread wired old shrouds to a new tank.  It looked good in the picture.  Maybe it could be rigged?

I popped the necessary parts in an installed a spare set of plastic I had for my 07. The rear fender was identical. 2 of the front fender bolt holes didn't line up, so I filled the existing holes with a hot glue gun and redrilled using the 2012 fender for a template. The rad shrouds were completely different so I simply tied them on with wire.


I think someone said the new side covers fit.  Can't find it.

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I know the side covers fit, if you get the new style YZ front fender you may not have to modify the the holes, ROOSTA out!

so is it just the fuel tank & seat that need replacing to bolt on the 2012 radiator shrouds ? 

I don't know if it fits the frame but a YZ250F tank is made to work with a carb and used the same shrouds.

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