Install of Fastway Rack by Pro Moto Billet, Part 1.

I purchased a new 2012 WR450F in the spring of 2013 after selling my 2003 WR450, due to an injury I'm a little late posting this.  I would like to thank the guys at Pro Moto for their help and for delivering a superb product.  I had all these products on my 03 also with the exception of the dampener it was a Scotts.  Not 1 product failed in 10 years of hard riding!


IMG_0925.JPG  This is the rack I decided to use.  Where I ride it's nice to have a place to strap a bag down to and keep the weight off your back!  Heres the install.


IMG_0938.JPG  Remove the seat and rear plastic.  Some trimming with an exacto knife and dremmel tool is needed. The Pro Moto directions are easy to read and understand, cutting the plastic is easy with the included templates!


IMG_0942.jpg  Cut the template out.


IMG_0943.jpg  Then lay it over the plastic and cut it out, easy!


IMG_0940.jpg  See the rectangular washer?  The directions were a little fuzzy for me, this is where it goes!


IMG_0953.jpg  Install the side brackets loosely with spacers to help hold sides in place while you screw in aft most screws!


IMG_0954.JPG  This is what the side looks like after the cut out from the template is removed.  I liked the little radius inside corner, so I left it! 


IMG_0959.jpg  Go ahead and screw on the rack to the side supports and you're done! To reinstall your seat loosen up the 2 new bolts, replace seat, align spacers, tighten and recheck all bolts, RIDE!


It took me about 1.5hrs to install the rack and it's a durable handy little thing.  It also adds a convenient lift point.  Well it did on the 03, let's see how well this one holds up!  lol

First off- thanks Trailamigo for posting this thread. It was pretty helpful. The manufacturer directions weren't bad honestly, but they were annoying to read (formatting needs an update, its all crowded into a tiny block). And your added pics were much appreciated. 

I used a Dremel Tool with a cutting wheel to make my number plate cutouts which made short clean work of the cutting  

It prob took me 2 hours to get the job done on my 2015 WR450F. Mainly because I was fighting the last two bolts when replacing the seat (holes didn't want to align), but it wasn't a very hard install. 

Thanks for the step by step!



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