Install of Fastway Barkbreaker/Handguards, Dampner and top clamp, Part 1.

  Being a woods rider like some of you, one can appreciate the need for good quality handguards to protect our fingers.  If you have ever had your hands come between a handlebar and a tree on a tight trail you know what I'm talking about!  I have even dislocated fingers several miles deep into the woods, manage to reset them, tape 1 finger to another and then ride back to the truck.  I do have medical experience!  lol  For those of you who are allergic to bee and wasp stings (Like my brother-in-law) please remember your Benedryl and Epi pens!!!  For those of you I have saved on the trail, I'm glad I could help and it was nice meeting you!  The Pro Moto Billet Rack (See my other post) is a great place to strap your medical supplies and tools too.


  My bike is a 2012 WR450F which replaced my 2003 WR450F.  This would have been a very easy install if Yamaha would have bored or cast my steering spindle through the center of the frame.  Since it was not and was offset to the left, and since I have a type "A" personality, it was necessary to grind the right side of the steering post collar to shift it left.  Not a big deal, just took time!




IMG_0956.jpg  In this picture you can see how the steering dampener post and the center of the steering hub don't line up!  Wheres the Yamaha quality control here?  The fix was easy.  Make sure everything lines up!

IMG_0958.jpg  See hows theres more alumn. showing on the right then left?  Ok, enough on that!


IMG_0960.jpg  Now I have everything lined up.  To install the clamp, just slip it on and tighter 1 bolt.  Easy!


IMG_0967.jpg  Reinstall your triple clamp and your new Fastway top clamp with dampener mount!  It all just bolts on and is easy!


IMG_0968.jpg  Add your Fastway dampener and tighten down the bolts!  See where the dampener arm slides over the post?  Thats why everything needs to line up, no binding!  


IMG_0970.JPG  Next add in the barkbreakers!  They mount from the top clamp to the ends of your handlebars.  It's a good idea to have your favorite grips already installed.  This makes for very sturdy protection, the bars are prebent and fit perfect!


IMG_0972.JPG  Select your favorite blue or black wind deflectors and your done!  Remember to recheck all bolts for tightness!  See you on the trail!


  I must add that all of Pro Moto Billets directions are easy to read, explain in detail where it all goes and thats backed by some really cool customer support!  I'm sure not all Yamaha WR450F's have the same steering offset like mine.  Just know that I found the repair to be easy, just took an extra 30mins!


Ride on!



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