GYTR flywheel weight

I have a 2013 450. I have been looking at the 4.4 oz flywheel. Has anyone actually tried it? Is it that noticeable? 4.4 doesn't seem like a lot

I don't know about the 4.4 oz, but I put a 9 oz on my '06 and it seemed to kick over easier, and not kill as often when riding slow trails

The GYT-R 4.4 ounce for the '10-'13 models is the equivalent of the 9 ounce for the older bikes because the flywheel is larger in diameter.  In fact, it increases the inertia mass more than the 9 oz weight does on an '09.  The distance the weight is place away from center is a major influence on inertia.


It does smooth out the power noticeably, it does reduce the off-idle jerkiness, it does help prevent stalling, it does improve traction, and it DOES NOT make the bike sluggish, less responsive, or less quick.

So basically no negatives about it?

Not to my way of thinking. Should have been built that way.

Not to my way of thinking. Should have been built that way.


Thank you. I have ordered one for my 06' and  cant wait to try it!

Bear in mind that it isn't going to be night & day different at 9 ounces on a flywheel that's smaller than your gas cap, but you'll notice it.

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