Need Help WR400 Electrical Question

I just purchased a 1999 WR400, long story short I changed the entire engine! When putting everything back together I have misplaced the regulator.

My question is can i start the bike with out the regulator?

Does the CDI work off the regulator?

Can I put a universal regulator?

Thank you for your responses.

I live in south america and spare parts for this model bike are very hard to find and expensive.

Here's the wiring diagram for your bike.  The regulator controls the voltage coming off the lighting coil.  I see a lead going from the lighting coil to the CDI.  If the regulator was missing, the voltage to the lights, and CDI would go high enough to burn out the bulbs.   I don't know what it would do to the CDI but I wouldn't risk it.  


You might be able to use an AC regulator from another bike.  Trail Tech makes an AC regulator that would work.  Most of the universal regulators I see are for bikes with a DC system, you would have to reconfigure the whole system and may need a battery for them to work.  


Do you have ebay where you live?  I see lots of used voltage regulators that would work on your bike.  

98WR400F wiring.jpg

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Hi thanks for the reply. I can order from ebay and it gets shipped to Miami and then I have to shipp it over. The process takes about a month. There is an ebay look a like here and I found 3 regulators for a Skygo 250 its like a knock off supermoto chinesse made. I will post the fotos.

How do I know if a bike is AC?

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1397138608.460431.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1397138707.727320.jpg

coz all bikes are AC

the reg/rec converts the AC current from the stator to DC for charging the battery etc

Hi just started the bike today with out the regulator, when around the block until I notice the valve cover half moons were not seated correctly and oil was dripping out rapidly. Will have to work on that. Thanks for the sugestions!

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