Dealer that has Generation 1 Excel Pro series carrier set



I recently bought a 2002 WR426F Excel pro Series supermoto complete wheels for my 1998' WR400F but the carrier ring set for front and rear wheel didnt come with it, and it seems nearly impossible to get them anymore here in Denmark, do you know of any dealer who are willing to ship internationally, that has these Carriers?

otherwise these wheels are useless. 


Best Regards Anders. 

I'm not a dealer, but I have a New in the box, front adaptor FCS- 4991 fits many years . I also have a used rear adaptor taken off a WR 450 excel pro series hub 2006-2012.

I believe that Yamaha WR 450 has had the same wheel set since 1998. Do some research and PMMe if you find that these fit. They absolutely do fit 2006-2012 WR 450f

Excel Wheel Excel Pro Series Carrier Ring Sets - JCWhitney

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This might be an alternative!


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