Coolant question?

So I really want to go riding today and was checking all my fluids etc. to make sure everything was up and running smooth... Low and behold I have no coolant... (-__-) I know you can use water as a temporary coolant in cars, but I just want to double check to make sure one day of riding with water as coolant won't hurt a dirt bike (dumb question I know.. But I'd rather be safe than sorry!) anyone have any input!?

Won't hurt a thing. Boiling point will be lower with water vs. water/ antifreeze so I'd keep a little closer check on it during the day. We had to fill up a buddies cr250 from a puddle to get back home when the pump seal started leaking. It was decently clear water and it beat the alternative of no coolant. It caused no problems after replacing seal and a quick flush. Clay

Thanks man! That helps a lot and puts my mind at ease! Hahah just never had to do that with my bikes before!

Whenever you add water, use distilled water.  If this is not possible because of an emergency, flush the system before refilling it with coolant. 

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