Head gasket? 09 yz450

I think my bike needs the head gasket replaced its not loosing coolant but there is bubbles in my radiator almost foamy, I got a little bit of white steam coming out of the exhaust. I changed the oil and it was black with a little bit of dark grey. Does this sound like a head gasket? And would I need to get machine work done to the head? Thanks for reading

Coolant bubbles a bit without anyone's help.  Another test you can make on your own (very carefully) is to warm the engine up, release any pressure from the radiators, then run it hard through second and third gear.  Pull over and release the cap again.  If there was a significant build up of pressure just from that, there's a problem. 


Most shops should be able to run a test on the cooling system to detect the presence of combustion gases in the radiators, which is much more definitive.

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