Best Trail Exhaust

Looking to quiet down the exhaust note on an 07 yz450. Any thoughts on the best one?

The FMF Q4 is one of the better ones.

We run an FMF Q4 and stock WR muffler with a pmb insert on our 450s. The FMF Q4 sounds great but is louder than the stock WR450 muffler. Not sure if or what years WR450 muffler will fit your YZ you will have to research it. You can put the stock insert in with the pea shooter removed and it will be even quieter but it might run a little rich.

The Q4 is your best bet for noise and with mine on my 06 when idling it's just as good as stock, when it gets up a little higher it's only a little louder than stock. This is the Q4 with the mega bomb header and only about 5 minutes of run time so keep in mind it will get a little louder than this but I don't expect it to get much louder when it breaks in. The mega bomb header is suppose to lower the noise a tad but add a little more power down low.

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