12' yz450f with rekluse exp 2.0 ?

Hi guys.  I have been running the exp 2.0 for a solid year now.  I ride all motocross.  I love the bike with this setup.  I started noticing that the bike does not hit as hard off the bottom.  Just wondering if there are any wear parts that I should look at replacing to get that nice bottom end hit back.  I'm running heavy wedges and have been using Mobil 1 racing 4t synthetic oil( change after 2 rides) since the start.  Other than the hit I can't seem to notice any other issues (ie. slipping, chatter, engagement).  Any suggestions?

Unfortunately the exp has a shelf life. If you measure from friction to friction width on each side it should be no greater than 10.57mm. If it's thinner than that it's time to replace it. Rekluse sells each side but it's like $150 a side. Probably better to just but new one.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1397358541.547732.jpg

I'm going to pull it tomorrow and put some calipers to it.  Just cant imagine it only lasting a year.  I only ride 1-2 times a week also.  It feels like it just doesn't engage as hard as it used to.  My initial thought was worn springs.

If you haven't done a flywheel weight or throttle body mod since this started it's probably in the clutch somewhere.

Are you sure your free play gain is set correctly? I think you would notice the springs getting softer threw the lever.

Also measure your friction plates. Because you only have 5 now they might be them wearing out.

According to Mike Campbell at rekluse, the 2.0 bases get about 200 hours out of them. You can upgrade to the 3.0 bases for around 140 bucks and they have a longer life too.

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