G2 Throttle Cam for 10' zy450f

I read a short snip about these on another thread. Who's using them on a 450? Up side? Any downside? Which cam are you using in the rocks and woods? The 400 sounds like the one.


The first thing I did to my 12 was the G2 "throttle tamer" throttle tube in an effort to reduce the overly sensitive throttle which created massive whiskey throttle when going slow. It came with the 400 cam already installed.


This throttle tube helped some but it wasn't what I would call totally effective. Later, I had injectioneering modify my throttle body and installed a flywheel weight. These two mods completely changed the bike and the overly sensitive throttle input to the point that I put the stock throttle tube back on and the G2 now sits on my work bench.


Huge fan of the G2 throttle cam system on my 2011 yz450f.  I feel the 200 cam is perfect for riding anywhere (mx, trails, sand, etc).  Now this is my opinion purely.  The 400 was a little too unaggressive. I tried the 400 first and did not like it.  This also depends on your gearing.  I could see using the 400 in the woods with like 13 50 gearing.  Definitely an awesome product!!  

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I appreciate the input you guys. I guess the other question is the one that starts with "so for the money....." The throttle tamers I hear Joe for around the hundred bucks. Those other mods I think you're more in the $400 range aren't you?

Try the g2 throttle cam system first.  I paid like 87$ shipped from rut monkey.  If nothing else at least it is a 6061 aluminum throttle tube.  I think you will like it alot though.  Easy install as well and mine shipped in like 3 days.

Well, I ended up ordering one today.  Should be here and on the bike middle of next week (damn job always puts a kink in things).  I'll post here after a couple of rides and let you know what a novice rider thinks of the change.  Thanks again for posting here as your opinions do help.  Happy riding and be safe out there.

Also gytr weighted flywheels are only around a hundred dollars. Check out ebay for them.

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