Confused about CB gear fix???

I've heard a lot of posts on this but I'm not sure if it apply's to my bike also. I have a 2001 YZ426F and while iding it makes a fairly loud ticking noise. The motor runs strong and I have no other complaints. I'm not sure if this is just regular engine noise or not. I just don't want to end up having to replace the whole lower end. Thanks for all the help guys. By the way I hope to be posting a pic of my bike with the retro white kit on it soon. lata

The '01 has the spline drive on the crank, '00 and earlier had the CB keyway.

Originally posted by elroyona426:

So what I'm hearing is just normal noise???

Without hearing it that is impossible to say. What you describe could simply be drive chain slap. Or just normal valve train noise.

Most four stroke engines make “engine” type noises, and with two cams the YZF is among the louder noise makers.

Try to identify the source of the noise. Do you hear it in all gears at all engine speeds? Clutch in and out? Does it change pitch with drive speed or engine speed?

But it is probably nothing. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help guys...I would really hate to miss out on some riding cause of a blown gearbox. This site rules and I've been spreading the word to all my fellow YZ owners. Thanks again.

So what I'm hearing is just normal noise???

Hi Elroy,

My 00 has had the cb problem, thankfully you won't have any problem, but my bike regularly makes a ticking noise expecially at idle. It seems to be normal. My 67 mustang made lots of noise as well. I just ignored it and had fun. :)

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