Fuel Screw Adjuster

With my WR's the 05 450 and the 07 250,  I bought some Tusk fuel screws with numbered knob on the end.   Somewhat easier than attempting to reach in there with a small screwdriver for fine tuning.   Whether it's the aluminum material,  in lieu of brass,  or the additional weight of the knob,  but  I've lost the adjustment screw on the 250 and the one on the 450 had backed out and was being held in by some interference with the gear case.  If you have substituted from the original screw,  with something like this you may want to keep a closer eye on these than I did.  

I have them on both my WR's.  You need to put an O ring or heavy rubber band around it and lash to some convenient point so it won't turn.  I've had one fall out.  Sometimes it would wind itself in, leaning it out.  Also I put TFE paste, a plumbing product, on the threads, keeps it from turning too easily.  

Just stretch the spring first

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