Baja designs Prices?

Hey guys,

Getting ready to truly uncork my BRP. Baja designs has a kit for the carb that includes the intake manifold, jet, and needle for about $40.00. I have only had one order with them before and things went very smooth. My question is... How do their prices stack up against other places? I guess my problem is finding other sites that even sell the parts... Would be great to find a place out-of-state, as paying for shipping AND tax kind of sucks.

Thanks for any help.

Brett :)

Their prices on those particular parts are fairly competitive. You can also prices these parts at Service Honda and Ron Ayers, all of which will usually be much less expensive than buying from your Honda dealer.

I got my stuff from . I got a pilot, main, and the intake manifold for $30. Those prices sound good. I think the needle would have been $15. I'm using the stock needle in the fourth position and it seems to work fine.

I bought a complete uncork kit from them (jet, needle, manifold, exhaust core) and was pleased both with the price and thier speed. I called on Monday and told them I'd really like to have the kit by the weekend, and they got it to me in plenty of time. I also bought thier street kit and am a very happy customer. I'll use them again, and i reccomend them to my buddies.

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