need receipt for a light kit

I know it sounds kinda shady but I am looking for someone that may have their receipt for there light kit that I could get a copy of. Need receipts for my plate. All of my components were acquired long ago and have no receipts. Could any one help me out?

I had same issue. Went to Amazon, ordered parts then immediately printed receipt. Then cancelled order within 5 min of placing cost!!

I thought about doing that also. It's kinda frustrating because all that I really had to buy were mirrors and a Speedo. The bike of course already has a headlight and also brake/running light. Do not need signals since it is pre 05. Explaining this to the tag agency however I'm sure to run into issues. Maybe I will just purchase/cancel a Baja kit and hope it doesn't charge me.

For a street legal conversion ? I wrote myself a receipt from a friends business to myself

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