XR 650R Batwing

Anyone have information, pics, or schemes that can help me to build a "batwing" for a friend of mine ?

it really works ?

laminar flow really help the engine ?

thanks to All

Check out my link to see a homemade batwing.

I have already see your pics, but I don't understand very well the "track" of the wing...

heve pics of the batwing not installed ?

really works ?

No pictures of the plate before installation, sorry.

It sits in front of an airbox cavity that allows a back eddy to form. You can see a plastic edge along the bottom that the plate follows. The plate sits vertically and the fit requires a little trial and error fashioning. I used cardboard first.

Does it work?

The intent is improve top end air/fuel mixture. If this was dynoed I would expect to see a change in the power curve. I haven't done any testing, except by the seat of my pants. :)

The mod didn't hurt anything, but I honestly can't say that it improved anything. I can say that power delivery is smooth and steady getting to 90+ mph and that is good enough for me.

My homemade design may be less than optimal. I fashioned a rather sharp bend as this was my first attempt. A more gradual bend may result in better air flow.

I also created an air intake cutout in the side panel that is a straight shot into the main cavity of the airbox (there is a picture of this), relying less on the portion of the airbox intake toward the rear of the bike.

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