Need jetting settings for Rampart Motorcycle Range in Colorado for this weekend


Going riding at Rampart Motorcycle Range in Colorado for the first time on my Stock 98 WR400 and asking for Jetting tips. For those of you not familiar with this area the altitude is around 7,000 to 9,000 feet. I purchased this bike used this winter and my book has the following settings written in by hand from the previous owner (Unkown).

Main 162

Pilot 40

Needle 2nd position

They seem kinda lean to me, what are everyone's thoughts? I don't want to check my plug anymore than I have to.

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Hey guy! I live in Denver. However, it's been a few years since I've run WR timing on my WR400.

I'll try and remember my settings though.

Your clip position of #2 is fine. Most of us Colorado guys dropped the clip from #3 to #2 to lean it out in the middle.

Your 162 is a bit lean but would work OK. I think you could go to a 165 or 168 if I recall.

Your pilot isn't correct. The WR comes with a 45 pilot. With my stock timing, I leaned it out to a 42 pilot because I was fouling plugs on long downhills. But I was the only one of us Colorado boys that had to do that. But even so, my 45 pilot worked fine at Rampart. I was having trouble on higher stuff than that.

Good luck. You'll love that bike at Rampart!


It has been a while for me on WR timing up there also, but if I remember correctly, I would run 165 main, 2cd clip position, 45 pilot. That should get you in the range. After that, you could probably get by just adjusting your fuel screw a little. I'd start with 1 and 1/2 out.

I am still running WR timing with a stock 99 WR400 - stock pipe, no silencer, no airbox lid. I have a 165 main, 45 pilot, stock needle, but I think mine is in the fourth position. It is one higher than stock (I thought this was leaner) holding the needle with the pointed end down. Starts great, runs strong. Just adjust the air screw to limit the backfiring and off-idle bog, and you’re set.

Enjoy it this weekend. :) The trails should be in great shape. We are due for some rain later this week that will only help. The best riding up there is right after a rain. There aren’t too many roots and no dust in the wet sand.

Hopefully you are visiting with friends that know the area. If not, a map is a necessity. You can get them at the Giddy-Up-Go store, the gas station in Sedalia or possibly at the Sprucewood bar . Ask nicely or that Kraut will bite your head off :D

We drove by there last weekend and it was a ZOO! Be very careful of head-on collisions, ATVs and mini-bikes. :D


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