Triple clamp questions

Looking for a triple clamp that can meet these requirements:

Rubber mounted bars

Option to run Scotts or GPR damper

Choose taller bar mounts (currently I have adapters and love the extra height)


I don't know who has all of that, but what I want to know is "Where did you get the bar risers? :)

Scotts set up with the rubber mounted handle bars using BRP made upper triple clamp is the way to go. All you need is a spacer and longer rubber mount bolts to adjust you handle bars higher. The system already takes you a little higher than stock. Rubber mounted bars are a dream! They are a god send on long rides. Pro-Tapers also come with the kit and you can get the bend you want as well for higher rise. :)

Tag supplied the risers.

I use applied triple clamp, with the GPR version 2, damper, (underbar mount) which is also a riser, it is awesome, but a little pricey, around $450-500 new plus bars.

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