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1995 cr250 with 1996 or newer forks. need help please

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so i bought a 1995 cr250 about a month ago and i have been fixing it up a little bit one thing at a time. well i ordered fork seals for a 1995 and they didnt fit, after about an hour conversation on the phone i measured my forks and they were 46mm instead of the stock 43mm of the 95 forks. so i have the book for the 95 for the oil height and everything but i dont want to buy another $50 book. i was able to send back the seals and the driver and my 46mm seals are on the way and im hoping to install them this weekend but where could i find the oil level for the 46mm forks? btw the number on the fork is 5KZ3-B   i think the last letter is a "B" but maybe its a "R" i would really appreciate any info you guys might be able to help me out with

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