acp problem

The last time I did this I typed for two

hours,and then lost the letter,Im a maroon..

Im having that hesitation problem with my new?,

98 400f?....totally stock. I can kill the motor

just by cracking the throttle too fast.....

Im interested in the kh/jd acp mod, but first

I gotta get it to work. The check valve in the

float bowl wont let gas through, Ive blown it out

repeatedly. It allows pressured air through, but

not gas. ( I got it to work once) It would kinda

drip out..but now nothing..does it get sucked -

through? by the diaprahm? its not serviceable is

it ? should I buy a new bowl ? It was very incon-

siestant when it did work. It would hit the the

needle-journal, not the slide. when I put a spacer on the diapram ( to limit stroke) it didnt.

but still, very inconsiestant.

Can you recommend jet sizes, needle,etc..

I ride at 4000 ft and above.


Yes there is a check valve in the fill passage to the pump and the diaphram sucks the gas in. I don't think it's servicable but if you have fuel in the pump bowl it's flowing.

The squirt passage can also get clogged. I had to clean mine with spray carb cleaner and compresed air. It took alot of times but finally cleared out.

I would try buying a new diaphram and o-rings first. Also make sure your pump actuation rod moves freely. '98 and '99's had a problem with dirt and corosion there.

If you get it working run a fuel filter, the passages are so tiny = easy to clog.

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