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Drz400sm starting trouble

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Hello all, I have been a lurker on this forum for a while soaking up info.This is my first time posting I hope I am doing this right.


Bike- Drz400sm 15k miles 

Mods- Full yoshi pipe 3x3 both done by previous owner.


Problem- I was riding to my local wheelie practice spot and at about 60 mph the bike backfired really loud, sounded like a .22 going off lol, and lost power. It did not cut out instantly, the bike coasted to a stop with low power and died once I stopped.


I have been researching so I checked the spark by holding the spark plug to metal and the spark jumped about every three compressions. This led me to believe i had a problem with the stator, so I took the case off and inspected the stator and all looks fine, no loose bolts.


I would appreciate any knowledge from the smart members of this forum because I am dying to get back to riding.




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