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2000 TTR225 revs on it's own. Help please

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So a friend of mine needed cash pretty bad and so he gave me a great deal on a 2000 ttr225 and motorcycle trailer for $600. Now the bike had been sitting for quite some time (over two years) and he said it would fire but not run properly. I pulled the carb and cleaned it really well, air filter, dumped fuel ect. So my problem now is that the bike fires right up but... it will idle a little bit rough but it will spontaneously rev up on its own. It runs very nice when I give it some throttle but it will often take several seconds to return to an idle after releasing the throttle. Sometimes when it revs up on its own it will return to an idle after several seconds just to sputter out and die. I checked for air leaks around the intake with some carb cleaning but did not find anything. I messed with the mix screw in several different positions but it seemed to have no effect on it. I am not a great bike mechanic so I am at a loss, does anyone have a suggestion on what the issue may be? Thanks.

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