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Carbs Finally Fixed on XT-350 WHEW""

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OK Gang,been fighting with this 2000 XT 350 carbs for couple weeks now off and On.Was about to send her down the road for sale and try my luck at something else.

It had the usuall tell tale pain in the A@@ traits as alot of others.wanted to Run with choke on,when ya did warm it up and take choke off, it would barely idle,popping,popping,spit sputter,missing thru muffler.I did all the usuall stuff,pulled the carbs,stripped them,soaked overnite in Berrymans Chem Dip(wow thats strong)cleaned all the Jets,put back together,same thing.

Finally after a few shots of Starting fluid,i found the Culprit.top gasket on both carbs was sucking air and would rev up when starting fluid went near.

I took carbs back off,removed both top covers,put a light layer of high heat silicone and resealed them.After re-installing carbs and setting pilot screw at 3 turns out,she started on second kick,and purred like a Big Red,lol.WOW.Oh BTW it was also sucking air thru the airbox Tubes where they connect to carbs,so i did same there and sealed them with a skim of high heat RTV sealant.I'll worry about getting them off when that time comes.Hope this helps someone save alot of time,the popping carbs is def Air leak on the carbs.Spray to find leaks and seal accordingly.

BTW yeah, i know its not a 350-F,haha,had the decals made before i found out it was an M..oh well....And Air filter was Dirty,new one on order.


tn_2000 XT 350.jpg

secondary Carb cover leaking air.jpg

Primary Carb cover leaking air.jpg

Air Filter XT 350.jpg

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Nice restoration! That bike looks great. Also bought an XT a few weeks ago, but I'm a complete newbie to XT's (or thumpers and forums to put it that way). Mine has a performance exhaust (which I don't like). Wish I can get a stock exhaust and set the carb near stock. I'm struggling with power at the top end. Think too much air is going through and it's running lean as they say. Will go the XT600 jetting route (if I don't find any air leaks ;p but I doubt, mine's idling great and one boot already has some rubber tape wrapped around) Thanks for the silicone sealant tipp around intake boots!

Will post solutions when I've found more. Thanks for your post, encouraging!


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dietervdwes, Thanks,its coming,few more trinkets,Iridium plug,new Shinko Rear tire,Air Filter,Change fork oil,New Chain and Sprokets.once i get all that done this week,maybe i can drive it and see what else is missing,lol...

BTW This guy an hour from me just Stripped out his XT for parts,Think i'll buy the Carbs off him,just to have a spare set seeing as i broke the Float pin tower on one side while removing the float.guess the Liquid steel did the trick as it appears to be starting great now.



And welcome to the Forum,feel free to message if anything i can help you with...

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Thank you so much. Bought a new chain and both sprockets a while ago. Have to put in new fork oil seals and the fork boots when I have a chance soon, already received the parts. What fork oil do you use? Thanks for the link to the exhaust, I'm in South Africa so shipping will be very expensive to here, but will have to go that route if I don't get the jetting right.

This is what I've tried up to now: (since I have two smaller spare jets which I can let machined if I don't get right myself and I don't want to spend over ZAR1500 ($150) to let it serviced.) I've drilled the main jet from #120 to #130 on my father's lathe and the secondary jet from #106 to #120, but it's even worse then. I know there's physics in the jets affecting flow etc, but tried it anyhow. Then I put the Secondary needle from middle to dead top (ie leaner) with some, bit little improvement. Next I will try lowering the primary needle, which is at highest richest position at the moment to lowest and see if that doesn't help. The

Secondary jet was a problem. I had to drill a copper plug out because it was so oxidized and unable to turn or come out, perhaps because it wasn't turned for 20 years. Don't know if others also had to do this. When I reached the jet at the bottom, it was also fixed to the jet tube/auxilary/needle tube. We tried brakefluid on it(which usually goes between the threads and gives a better chance of turning it loose, but still the screwdriver slipped and the transverse slit on the jet is stripped, now the secondary jet is stuck inside the carb. We managed to drill the jet to #130, since I believed this is the recommendation, but will definitely have to drill out this jet some time to put in another. Please help with carb settings and jets on (e) bay or any online store if you guys know of any. I've found a link for a size #130, but not sure where to find others. I'll get there... Some time :D Here's some photo's, will post new ones as I go on.






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