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1996 rm 250 help or info needed (might be long)

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so i searched before posting but im still confused-- quick backstory bought a 96 rm 250 last summer pick it up for a good price


riding it around i feel like it doesnt have the power a 2 stroke should the seller said the top/bottom end has been re built but who really knows


when i was looking for a top end rebuild kit i cant seem to find my bike as an option 


like i find a weisco top end kit for a 96 rmx 250 or i find a weisco lite piston kit for a 96 rm 250 but it doesnt have the gaskets and things? am i missing something or is the rmx250 still the same size as a rm 250?


ok so i wanna try to do a top end rebuild i take everything a apart.. do i bring the head in to a machine shop or can i just measure it and see if its been bored out or is still stock size?


i was looking at post on this site bout a top end rebuild and the guy never mentioned a machine shop so if this measures right you dont need to bring it in?


can someone just quickly give points

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