front sprocket washer bent?

the washer on my front sprocket is bent around the edges. I assume it is from my chain. I cant post a pic yet but I wonder if it could cause a larger problem if I ride with it like this. any thoughts? Its on a 2011 yz 450f.

How bad is this? Should I replace before I ride again or will it get me by for a minute longer? I have no idea how long it has been like this. I am replacing my chain but don't have the money for a washer right now. $22.000414142202.jpg

Are you referring to the lock washer? (Between sprocket and nut)

If so, that's how it should be

The washer is designed to "fold" over the nut to prevent it from backing off.  I think it is bent in 3 places so no matter how it lines up 1 side can be bent against the nut.  Unless you are referring to something else.


That washer is perfectly fine... That's the point of the lock washer. To "LOCK" the nut from spinning off.

Don't need to post twice within the hour.

What about the sprockets? Are they new? If not most people including myself replace chain and sprockets at the same time. Reduces wear. The front doesn't look to bent over badly, but I'm no expert..

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You don't have to post the same question twice within an hour. The picture on the other post is perfectly normal. The washer is made that way. To bend over an edge of the nut to hold it in place. Is this your first bike? I'm 90% sure this is how all countershaft sprockets are...

I just use each folding tab one time each. Metal weakens and breaks when you bend it back and forth. So I get 3 uses out of the locking washer and then will get a new one.

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