throttle cable frayed, cam stuff etc...

I started tearing into my engine this evening and I found something interesting you guys might want to check on your bikes. When I took the cables off the carb I found the top cable frayed so badly it was only hanging by 2 strands. This could ruin a good race day if it gave way on the face of a jump. You can check it easily, just take the plastic cover off the side of your carb and look.

Also I noticed that my rotor has no timing mark. I noticed this when I first checked my valve tolerances way back but I use the opposing cam lobe method of checking my valves so it hasn't really been an issue until now. Seems like I remember some others finding this on their '00 models but maybe I'm dreaming. Any of you found this on your bikes?

Mike...I went through a couple cables before I realized that the cable bracket near the carb did not hold the cable in line with the groove in the CAM. The cable rubbed on the side of the groove. I bent the bracket to align the cable and did not have any more cable problems. I would check the alignment, those cables are not cheap!


mx- thanks I will check that. You are right I checked Rocky Mountain last night and the replacement cables were $28, anybody know of a cheaper place to get them?

I'm on my third set of throttle cables, I wish I knew they were only $28 as I paid $35 from Yamaha. Better check the alignment on my bracket since I'm obviously not smart enough to shop around for a good price. Thanks for the tip...


You guys might want to make sure the little jam nut is properly set in the bracket. The jam nut is supposed to sit with a corner in the slot. Not with the flat against the bracket. If the nuts sits flat against the bracket, the cable misaligns and youll end up with frayed cables. I asked the question here but no-one responded. I finally took the carb off and sighted the whole assmebly. I dont think anyone knows about the nut thing except the guy that designed the bracket! :)

zip ty makes a trick pully. I got one and no problem.

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