2004 Yamaha YZ450F Front Brake Pads Won't Spread For Me :(



These pads are a real prude and won't spread for me, my flat head just bends and doesn't budge the pads.


Can I pull the caliper and spread them from there or is it easier to pry them with the disc between them?


On the Rocky Mountain ATV video his pads are like right there, with this god damned YZ450F you need to be on the ground looking up to get a good pry spot. Annoying.





I have the same problem with my wife.

I have the same problem with my wife.


She bends your screwdriver?

Use a C clamp and a brake pad or piece of metal and slowly clamp it together. Take your reservoir cap off.

You're a scholar and a gentleman :)


WHHHEEEERRREEEE did you find that?!? :lol:

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