yzf 450 oil change

Being the newbie that i am, i began an oil change on my recent purchase of a yzf 450 2008, i read through the owners manual, with the filter change the bike will need 1000 cc's or 1 liter of oil, well during the oil change both drain plug outlets were continuously dripping, to speed up the process, i tilted the bike to the side, the oil ran  out quickly. i then realized i had heard someone say that 200cc's will never be drained from the bike even in an oil change, the only time you add 1200 cc's is when you do a complete rebuild of the engine. So now i am stuck as to how much oil to put back in the bike, after i leaned the bike over to get the oil to drain quicker, help a novice out here!

Let it drain till it almost stops dripping, or completely stops. Then add what your manual says. 1 liter seems right

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