Couple questions for the wr400/426 gurus.

Hey guys,

I need a little help.


My 99 wr400 gave up the connecting rod a little while back.

I started tearing down and assessed the damage.

After pricing out the repairs I came to the conclusion getting another bike would be cheaper.

My bike is plated and I dont want to give that up.

So my thoughts were, to pick up an 01 or 02 yz or wr 426 and swap the new engine into my frame (my 99 frame)


Just wondering if anyone sees any problems with this.


In these necks of the woods yz426s are plentiful and in the 1000-1200 range in good shape. i figure i can part the rest of the bike out and only be into my repair/upgrade for around $500 dollars.


A wr will be harder to come by and they seem to command a higher sale price.

I dont mind the gearing of the YZ, just need to be sure my stator/flywheel/and cdi will work on a YZ. I've read through some old archived posts and it looks like plenty of people were doing that swap back into the day to add lights to their bike.


Am I off my rocker or am I onto something?





Nobody has had an answer to this since the 16th?  As far as I know, if you use all of your WR400 electricals with the 426 engine, you will be fine.  The stator plate and flywheel should be a direct fit. 

Well I picked up a YZ426 on Monday.


So I guess we'll see what'll work and what won't.

If you swap the WR400 stator and flywheel into the YZ426 engine it will work, also confirm that the swing arm pivot is the same size. If I remember correctly there were 2 different sizes between the years on both YZ/WR/400/426. Jetting may need adjustment between 400 and 426 engines but may be fine. Flush the in frame oil tank real good before you install the new engine.

I'm interested in som yz parts if the price is right looking for forks swingarm shock exh ect

I'd be interested in the seat and shrouds.


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