Paring a Megabomb with GYTR 9.21 Oz help with lack of Snap?

06 YZ450 


I swapped out my stock flywheel for the GYTR 9.21 Oz; in hopes of helping with stalling and toning down the over the top snap. I would like some snap back. Would adding an FMF megabomb help bring some of that snappiness back?






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Some interesting points here, keep them coming. :smashpc:

not the way to go about it, best thing would be to get the small gytr +4 flywheel. stops stalling but wont drain the snap.

If the flywheel is the only change you made to a normal '06, and all your jetting and such is correct, the way to deal with this is to learn to access that newly usable low end you have.  Without the "snap", you can roll into the power a lot earlier than you think when leaving a corner.

Quick follow up.


I ended up putting on the Megbomb, and figured I would get the smaller 4.8 flywheel later on. With the 9.21oz FW and the new header, I wanted to get a real world feel for it. So I rode the REM race at Glen Helen this past week. And HOLY COW, It feels like a new bike!


My bike feels and rides like no other now, the low-mid end power is right where I wanted it. Plus no stalls, it climbs like a tractor and I swear handles like a BMX bike now (granted, I did get a littler stiffer front springs). Rolling into the throttle earlier made the bike feel more agile on the way out. Before adding the header, it just felt to sluggish, spot on now!


To sum it, the bike just feels so much easier to ride now that I found this happy medium.




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