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DR350 No Spark, But Power To Coil When Unloaded (Test Results & Schematic)

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Got a 93 or 94 DR 350 that has no spark after engine swap.

Have checked all wires and switches.


Here's the schematic. Only diff is, mine does not have the G/Y wire from CDI to Starter Interlock nor does it have a Clutch Switch.




fyi: DC readings taken using Peak Voltage Tester.

Ok, so I have

6-7VDC on the G - Bl And on Y - Gr (Pulser Coils)

160VDC on Br - W                            (Gen Coil)

B/W Ground to CDI is Good

Ground To Engine Is Good

Kill Switch Is Good

Starter Button Works

Neutral Indicator & Switch Work

Tach Works

Resistance of Side Stand Switch = 0.2 Ohms (Jumpered To Ground cause bad SS Sw)


Lets make this simple...

I have input from BOTH pulser coils (7VDC Peak) And I also have 160VDC Peak on Br to W wires to CDI.


So when I have the White/Blue wire plugged in to the IGN Coil, I get ZERO Volts At Ignition Coil Input Terminal (i.e. White/Blue at Ignition Coil)

However, when I unplug the White/Blue wire from the Ign Coil, and test it for peak DC voltage, I get 140VDC Peak.  Not A typo (One Hundred & Fourty Volts)

Which is about what it should be.

But as soon as I plug the white/blue wire back into the ignition coil... Zero damn volts again... And obviously no spark.


Coil Tested Good.  11.6k Ohms secondary, .7 Ohms primary. No short to ground.

I have really tested everything but don't fully understand why I am getting what appears to be 140 FLOATING Volts on the White/Blue when Unpluged @ COIL!?!

Then zero if plugged in...


I have tested with open and closed switches as well as bypassing the switches. All to no avail! :(

Have also tried a second CDI Box and 2 other known good coils!


So is it bad CDI Box?

At about 500 bucks new, it's something I don't wanna guess at.

Not that I would buy a new one anyhow but just saying...


So guys... What am I over looking here... I feel like the answer is going to make me slap myself!


Thanks to anyone who can answer.




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Hi Orb, I would love to know if you got this bike sorted as I am pulling my hair out with my lack of spark!

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