Case saver/cover?

Have a '05 YZ450F that I just bought used.  I just put a new chain and front and rear sprockets on.  I noticed that the thin factory case saver has some gouges in it and a little bent.  It must of had contact with the chain at some point.  I was thinking of replacing it with something new but still wanted something to cover the sprocket.  I bought the Topar Racing case guard but the bolt holes didn't quite line up.  Couldn't get second screw to bite.  I'll be sending it back.  I liked this product because it covered the sprocket as well.  Are there any other options other than factory? 


I won't be racing just fun bashing and riding.  I'd like to have a cover because I might not always have boots on and didn't want shoe laces or pant legs to get caught in the chain or sprocket.  Or is this a concern? 



When you wear riding boots, you never have to worry about pant legs and shoe laces, no.  :cool:


It's not a case saver, it's a chain guide, intended to keep the chain from arcing forward over the front sprocket.  Only one or two "case savers" are actually capable of saving the case.  They are the bulkier plastic ones that fit up against the case forward of the sprocket.  The chain will rip the bolts out of the crankcase otherwise if it blows off.  Use a good chain, and keep it up.

So just stick with the factory chain guide?  Are there any nicer ones?

If you ride in "trail pants", the ones where the cuff is outside the boot, then you might want to keep the cover on there.  But with the race style tucked in cuffs, I agree that there's no concern about your feet.  Unless you have little feet, maybe.  It would be a bad place to put your fingers in a crash, though. 


If you feel better with a case saver, run one.  But get a good one, like the man said.  I saw a guy work the stock cover so it went back on over a big plastic one once.  Seems tricky, but it looked like it was working. 

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I run a tusk case saver and let me tell you that was the best $25 I've ever spent.  Last summer I broke the master link on a DID 520 gold chain and if I hadn't had the case saver I would've been on the hunt for new cases.  I say cases, plural, because as I understand it they are machined matched and need to be replaced as a matching set.  The case saver did it's job.  Yes it was bent and mangled, but it gave up it's life for a good cause.  The case was fine.  Hammerhead also makes a nice billet one that's purdy as well.  None of these offer the sprocket cover you were looking for, but if it's a case saver you're on the fence about, don't be.  Well worth it.  So in review, $25 case saver saved me hundreds, a lot of headache and lost riding time.  Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.

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