'03 WR-450 Dual sport kit

I'm selling my bike and have taken off the kit to do so. Its made by Trick Dual Sport, and has very few miles on it. Everything works like new and looks great! More details if interested. I have $400 into it, make an offer! must sell!

Do you have pics of the Bike with it on? I have an 04 wr450 do you know if it will bolt right up?

Trick dual sport is great. I love how quick I can change it back and forth. With more areas closing to legal off road riding dual sport lets you get to those places via fire roads etc. You need a YZ rear fender for the ufo kit and be prepared to add metal stiffener to the fender. Pictures are on the TT store where you can buy a new Trick Dual sport kit. :)

I think i do, i'll have to look. I have added the rear fender support, bought the yz fender and the ufo add-on, and it really works good. Its all underneath and made of aluminum so it weighs nothing. To the guy with the 04, i believe it will but i will check on that also.

Where did you guys get the fender support from, and how much did it cost? I'm running a YZF fender and acerbis dual sport light setup.

I went to Lowes and got some small expanded metal channel ( C- shape) about 1/2" wide x 1/4" deep profile x 24" long each and ran two channels on top of the rear fender under the seat and punched to holes in the rear fender to let the bars go under the fender beyond the seat. I used small fasteners to bolt the channels in every 6" along the length. PM me with an email address if anyone wants me to email them a pic.

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