Filter grease for specific bike 2012 yz 450

I know this subject has Ben beat too death weather or not too use filter grease but I know all air boxes are not created equal I'm lookin for information or opinions on weather greasing the rim is a good idea on the 2010-2013 with the flat Air box under the seat that a lot of people don't like. Thanks.

I never grease filter flanges.  I use Maxima FFT for the filter, and just use the same oil on the flange.  It completely seals it.  Grease is unnecessary.

Gray I just picked up some belray foam filter oil would that be equivalent too the maxima I was gonna get maxima but they didn't carry it so if I don't use the grease do I just oil the filter let it dry and stick it in. Or do you dab some extra oil around the edge right before installing thanks.

Belray works great

No need for extra oil, this airbox seals very well

The thing to remember about filter oil, be it spray or liquid, is that it does nothing unless it is worked 100% into the foam.  When dirt enters the filter, it is supposed to encounter a strand of foam and be captured by the sticky oil on it.  Eventually, what the dirt encounters is dirt stuck on the filter, which does not capture the next newest bit, and that dirt moves deeper into the filter.  If there is more oil there, it gets caught.  If not, well....


If the filter element including the sealing flange is thoroughly oiled, there's no further need to add more to the flange on assembly. 

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