Brake rotor to sprocket measurement

Looking into getting some yzf or wrf wheels for my drz as there easier to find locally. Ive heard there fit with some spacers but Im wondering if the the measurement from disk to sprocket is the same? Anyone know what it is, or could please measure this for me. Need to make sure alignment of chain and caliper will work. Need the distance from center of sprocket across to center of disk.

Are these measurement the same on all models? Yz 125 250 2 stroke and the different years and models of 4 strokes? I read axle size change after 98 to a 22mm but i can change it to a 20mm to work with the drz?

158mm center of sprocket to center of brake disc on my 450. Same dimension on my 250. Both are 03's. Rim width is approximately 10mm wider on the 450. Clay

Great thank you Clay! Anyone know or have a pre 99 model now?


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