Excel rims with Talon hubs for WR400F



I have been suffering from insomnia due to the fact that i have these 2002 WR426 Excel/Takasago supermoto wheels with Excel pro series hubs. i have no carriers to fit my 98' WR400F. Therefore at the moment my very! expensive wheels are useless, so i am looking to replace my hubs with some talon hubs that fits both my WR400F and goes along with my Excel/takasago rim ring. Who can provide me with such hubs and offer international shipping? ive been trying a lot of dealers, had no luck.  :banghead:


Thank you! // Anders




You mean like this?

Hi Maddog 


yeah i guess does are the ones, do you have only for front end or rear as well, with spacers and so on?

I could probably get a set but the rears would be used. Excel Wheel Excel Pro Series Carrier Ring Sets - JCWhitney


Excel Pro Series Carrier Ring Sets. These are the Excel Pro Series Carrier Ring Sets. Front carrier kit includes: carrier ring adapter; adapter mounting screws ...

This looks like a retail outlet, give them a try.

Ive been checking out that site Maddog, I need them shipped to Denmark. do you know if they are are trustable source ?

This is a large retail catalogue type company. I've used them in years past, if you pay with credit you have 30 days to dispute charges. I would feel safe,just understand return policy's and pay with credit.

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