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Broken kick start and flywheel problem.

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I bought an '09 YZ250 a couple months ago.  It's my first YZ.  Because of work and weather I haven't had a chance to ride it other than around the yard a little bit.  Took it to the track last weekend and on the first kick there the kickstart shaft broke. Ever since I bought it the bike would kick back once in a while when I would try to start it.  Not much trouble starting it, but every once in a while I'd about break my foot with the kickback.  Found out about the common shaft breakage.  New '99 kickstart mechanism, '99 inner case, and 426 knuckle showed up today.  Put it all together and because of what I had found here on the forums I decide to pull my stator cover and have a peek at the timing.  


The flywheel is obviously damaged.  Looks like maybe one of the screws for the stator might have came loose and was floating around in there for a while.  It's a little hard to see, but I kind of think the stator pick-up might be damaged a bit as well.  Was going to pull the flywheel tomorrow to inspect things a little better.


I did try loosening the stator and backing the timing off a bit, but it still seemed to kickback on me.  Probably going to get a dial indicator tomorrow as well and try to set timing better.  I'm afraid I might be looking at getting a new flywheel and maybe a whole new stator if that is damaged as well.  


The weekend is here and it looks doubtful that I'll get this bike out on the track yet.  Want to get it fixed right so I won't have to worry about breaking another kickstart shaft, even though I haven't really seen where anyone has had trouble with the beefier 20mm shafts.



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