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MRD 3X3/Jet Advice

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I have read a ton of MRD, 3X3 and jet kit posts but they are not really answering my questions below.


I use my 2013 for commuting so reliability of starting in all weather is important and sitting in traffic is common.


Right now I have done no mods to the engine or fueling and the bike has been really good. So good the bike fired right up after winter storage. No so good in throttle response and crispness.


My concern is people say the DRZ is way lean from the factory and it benefits from the 3X3 mod and proper jetting. If I am doing all that I am adding a pipe.


My question is, for my use of the bike would I benefit from the 3X3, JD kit and MRD?  When I say benefit I mean will the bike run substantially better, still start and idle reliably, not require constant carb monkeying and be good for commuting. 


I am happy with the bike the way it is minus suspension but am concerned about people saying the are so lean from the factory.


Just not sure if I should do it or not and was hoping some of your input would help.





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Reliability won't change with a jet kit and 3x3 mod....

The smile on your dial will however be a touch wider from a performance perspective, but fuel economy tends to be a little worse....partly due to the engine receiving the correct amount of fuel and the wrist hormones..lol

A 4 stroke has to be very lean to cause any damage thus have never heard of any failures due to factory jetting ....

If your happy with the way it runs and are using it for commuting only with no mods...just ride ...

The addition of an MRD would require a jet kit, .......and the commuters will definitely be more aware of your presence..... :devil:

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